Trumpet Moments
Written more like a postcard than a letter, these brief music passages bring a small dose of mellow trumpet to your day. It's also a podcast.

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Trumpet Moment 34

Welcoming a happy new addition to the family.

(1:33 | mp3)

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Apr 2012

Mostly Trumpet Soundtrack

Check out Both Ends.  It is a short film by Jamie Stuart for Filmmaker Magazine.  Dennis improvised the mostly trumpet soundtrack (with guidance from Jamie).

Oct 2011

3000 Fans On Facebook

Special thanks to every single one of the 3000 fans on Facebook! Just in time for Trumpet Moment 30. Nice!

Jul 2011

Trumpet Moments Radio

Tune in to Trumpet Moments Radio while you surf the web on your computer or iDevice. Click the radio tower in the little circle or try here and a small window will pop up with a radio player in it.

Mar 2011

The Florestine Collection

Very happy to hear that Trumpet Moment 3 is part of The Florestine Collection which had its world premiere at the 49th Ann Arbor Film Festival.

Nov 2010

New Quiz & 1000 Facebook Fans

Test your ears on the first Trumpet Moment Quiz to help celebrate our 1000+ fans on Facebook! ps - It's not too hard.

May 2010

Vibraphonette Surgery

Dennis just performed successful surgery to a vital instrument in Vitamin-D and Trumpet Moments, the vibraphonette. Click here for the details.

Apr 2010

A Little Piece Of Utopia

Trumpet Moment 15 is featured in a live documentary by Sam Green called Utopia In Four Movements.  The film was called "The most compelling screening of the entire [Sundance Film] festival.." by The Huffington Post.

Jan 2009

Music Film for Trumpet Moment 2

Just finished a music film for Trumpet Moment 2. It's a little bit of slow motion summer in New York City.